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10 Best Destinations To Visit in Armenia.

Armenia is truly a beautiful place for travel and exploration, Here are 10 best destinations in Armenia Enjoy.

1. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is the main water source of Armenia as well as the home of Armenian (ISHXAN) fish, and of course mesmerizing tour destination for the guests from all over the world.

2. Tsakhkhadzor (Rope way)

Tsakhkhadzor is most beautiful during winter but as for summer and spring, you will get to see the green forests on the top of the mountains in tsakhkhadzor while riding the rope-way.

3. Dilijan National Park

Even though Armenia is already well known for being organic and natural country surrounded by all kinds of forests floras and faunas this might be just the place for green lovers It's surrounded by mountains and forests and is currently under the security of the Republic of Armenia and is one of the best tourist attractions hands down.

4. Lastiver, Ijevan (Yell extreme park)

The perfect place for the extreme and family camping, Lastiver is the place to go if you want some off the road adventures. And yell extreme park will give you a variety of services and activities such as Zipline, Paintball, Horseriding and overnight camping.

5. Sanahin


Sanahin is one of the oldest churches in Armenia located in Lori province.

But the church itself is not the only beauty, the village surrounding it and the amazing nature of Lori province. The juxtaposition of the church lets you see the whole Lori province with its cities.

6. Areni (Winery)

Attention Wine lovers this is the place for you. Areni winery is the keeper of the culture of Armenian wine you will not only be able to have a wine tasting but also purchase wine for lesser than the retail price is in the markets, it's the perfect present to give to someone after you return from your trip to Armenia, and the place Areni itself is perfect nature and culture, also don't miss out on Areni Cave and see the first-ever winery and shoes discovered there.

7. Yerevan

I mean how can you visit Armenia without visiting the Capital city of Armenia with more than 500.000 Population this is where the nightlife is most active you will have an amazing time in the capital city. For more information about Yerevan make sure to check out our Article '' Things to do in Yerevan'' bellow.

8. Gyumri

Gyumri is the second city of Armenia.

It has an amazing artsy vibe to it and a lot of the streets are still old and you can feel the old urban culture of Armenia.

You can take the Train to Gyumri from Yerevan.

9. Levon's Divine Cave

Levon is the name of the artist and mastermind behind this hand made underneath the house cave, one day his wife asked him to dig up a small hole for the potato seeds planting he ended up working for years and years to create a big hand made a cave. This became his life time work of Art.

10/10 must see.

10. Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin is the religious center of the country the Vatican of Armenia is you will, here is where the religious leader of the country lives, it's a complex of churches and monasteries within the city, the town of Echmiadzin itself is very much developed also, mostly due to being a very popular tourist destination.

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