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5 Places you didn't know existed in Armenia.

We are all aware of the famous world's 7 wonders like the pyramids in Egypt or the Greek God Zeus statue in Greece but some us like to discover and explore more so famous but amazing urban places man made and nature made, and let me say Armenia has a lot of those, here are top 5 surprising places you didn't know existed in Armenia.

1. Saint Nicolas Church.

Saint Nicolas church is one of the abandoned churches in Armenia, it is not a tourist attraction which you will see in every guide book, it used to be Russian church for all the Russian Molokans living in the area before now it's abandoned and isn't being used as a church anymore. The condition of being old and not restored is giving it even more of a haunting view, it is for sure not like all the other churches in Armenia, more so it looks like something from the Harry Potter Films. It's located in Lori Province just outside of the city of Stepanavan. It is playing ground for the local kids now but if you have a chance i would highly recommend visiting this church and taking maybe a few more Instagram pictures.

2. Levons Divine Cave.

How many of you have seen a cave made by men and not BC times but AD times, Levons Divine cave is a total work of art with a mindset of a surrealist. One day his wife asked him to dig up a hole for their potato seeds instead he got carries away and made a big cave that was going down from his house, and decorated it with different art objects. The cave is pretty big he spent years on years working on this and has left an amazingly huge mark in Armenian modern culture and art. It's a must see destination.

3. Yeraz Car Factory

During soviet union times Armenian as a huge industrial country and one of the many products that Armenia was creating was the famous car Yeraz. The factory was located in the suburb of Armenia, soon enough the factory closed but the walls still stand the same way. It is an amazingly gap of a history moment frozen in time. Unfortunately the Government of Armenia has closed the factory for the visitors but hopefully one day it will become a big museum of the car industry of Soviet Armenia.

4. Magils Cave.

One of the newer discovered caves of Armenia is Magils cave in the Aragatsotn region which was robbed before various times but is said to have amazingly big treasures left behind from our ancestress. Now days the cave is closed for the tourists temporary but once it is opened again and ready to run you can be sure to have an mesmerizing memories from the cave, it's filled with the salt mountains inside developed throughout millions of years.

5. Hrazdan Canyon and Children's Railway.

Hrazdan Canyon is located in Yerevan the quickest way to go there is via special tunnel in the center of the city which will bring you to the Children's railway station where you can see lots of old trains abandoned and an amazing pink structured building reminding of an old European church. The place is home for various Urban legends believed by the different people of subcultures, though mostly the place is perfect for the teenagers that run away to drink and smoke a cigarette. Overall the place is great for a walk or a dip in the River Hrazdan.

No matter if you are amazed or not Armenia is one of the best destinations to visit for your trip and explore around, these were just a few not so famous places in Armenia but there a lot more.

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