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6 Abandoned places in Armenia for Urban Explorers

It's not a secret that Armenia is one of the oldest countries, and the prove of that is the stamp of time left on the land, Armenia has been through occupants, different culture shocks, wars and inventions, however not all were restored and or saved for us to see. Here are 7 Abandoned places in Armenia perfect for Urban explorers.

1. Dinamo Stadium Offices.

Dinamo Stadium is located in the center of Armenia and served as one of two main stadiums of Armenia for the longest time, it is still being used mostly for football matches, however not so far from the stadium there is a building which was being used as the main head offices for the stadium as well as training ground for different sports. Nowadays it's an abandoned 3 floored building with very creepy dark basement and a shooting hall for training as well as locked rooms that bare god knows what secrets.

The building itself is not haunted, however the young subculture and cult followers in Armenia have been polluting the place with their symbols for years now, in some rooms you will be able also to find stains of a red fluid very possible of a blood in others deeper into the dark basement skulls of cats and dogs which i doubt are there because pure animals entered and got lost. The place itself shocking and amazing for urban exploring lovers like me. 10/10 would recommend visiting but still while being careful ;)

2.Sevans Faeries Wheel.

This is what once was the entertaining place packed with children during soviet times, now it's an abandoned wheel left in the middle of Sevan town near Lake Sevan in Gegharkunik Region, it'snot being used anymore and it's impossible to restore however for some reason it's still standing tall there reminding people of once an amazing attraction for now adults that were kids riding it years and years ago.

3. The Ruins of Gyumri and Spitak.

The year was 1988 when Armenia yet was hit by another catastrophe this time it was not man made war but a greater war with the nature. The highest magnitude earthquake stroke in Spitak hitting also Gyumri Yerevan and other cities, however the hardest that were affected by it were the city of Spitak and Gyumri. As much as the cities tried restoring them there are still lot of parts of the cities that are left abandoned and alone with no life in them these are the ruins of the city that legends have are haunted by all the poor souls of people that died that day.

Other conspiracy theory states that the earthquake was not quite a natural earthquake but was a new bomb testing that was being held in Spitak int the Russian military base, as days before the earthquake all the staff of the military base was sent back home. This is just a theory and nothing more. It hasn't been yet debunked nor proved.

4. Abondened Pool near Echmiadzin.

This place is yet another building that was built during soviet times and is not left standing alone on the road. It was the Swimming pool which once serviced to lot of people. The architecture itself is simple and very haunting especially now. A must see destination.

5. Writers house in Sevan.

Another amazingly haunting and beautiful abandoned destination located in Sevan. The writers house established during the Soviet times in Armenia which is now closed and left abandoned in Sevan as another reminder and ghost from the past. Unfortunately its impossible to enter inside and explore the inside of the building but people say the inside has been remaining untouched with all the tables and books left from the conference with the vintage furniture. Hopefully one day the doors will be reopened as the museum of soviet time writers.

6. The Yerevan Rope way

Yerevan rope way was the greatest transportation means back in the day after having a terrible accident and crashing down on the houses located under the route the government shuts down the rope way but one of the stations is still open for the urban explorers with the old cable car still hanging inside, the place is now mostly getting visitors such as local teenagers eager to take hauntingly beautiful Instagram shots. There has been lot of talks going around about reopening the rope way and renovating it to create new transportation that will connect the upper mountain district of Yerevan with the center of the city, however nothing has been done yet.

Some of us get the joy in visiting urban sights like this more than the popular cultural sights, therefor i hope this article has helped some of you, If you want to book your urban exploring trip to Armenia with HOSTELANDTOURS contact us and visit all these abandoned and hauntingly beautiful sights with a special guide provided by HOSTELANDTOURS in the circle of the special urban exploring package.

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