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Updated: May 18, 2019

Armenian Traditional costume (Taraz) characterize the Armenian nation in a very good way. The nations' traditional costumes and ornaments are not only important historical elements of the Armenian culture , but also an artistic creativity as well. The Taraz is as rich and beautiful as the Armenian culture and history. National clothing has a long and interesting period of evolution. They have been modernized and changed during the years, but for sure, main national symbols and features still remain.

The first thing that you can notice in the Armenian costume is the bright colors. For making the Armenian clothes usually Armenians used wool, cotton and fur and after silk. Grigor Tatevatsi (famous Armenian philosopher) wrote about 4 main colors : black, white, red and yellow. According to him, black expressed the earth, white expressed water, red expressed bravery and yellow expressed flame. There was also the purple, which was the symbol of wisdom, and blue characterized justice.

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Nowadays, unfortunately Armenian people are not using traditional clothes in casual life but still Armenian ornament and symbols are very popular.

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