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Best places to visit in Yerevan

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

If you are ever in Yerevan by a chance don't forget to visit this places, Being a tourist in Armenia is very fun but while most of the destinations will take you away from the city don't also forget to take some time to visit these places in the capital city of Armenia.

Gum Local Market

Gum local market is the place to go if you are in for some organic homemade food. From dry fruits to meat to cheese to alcohol all organic and made with love and with the best prices. This market is like no other market it has a long history and is a fundamental part of Yerevan.

The market is mostly being operated by small booths and shared places where people form all the different places of Armenia come every day to sell their agricultural goods, Once there you will find yourself amazed by all the food that is being sold on the market and even live animals.

Vernisage local Flea Market

Now this is a different story. Yes again this place is a very fundamental part of the city local culture but however this is a place that has been modified a few times from the Soviet Union times. In this flea market you can find everything, i do mean everything...from souvenirs to antiques to cloths to furniture , to chemicals. It's mostly active during weekends so if ever you are in Armenia always make sure to go to some souvenir shopping or even just a walk to Vernisage.

Republic Square Dancing Fountains

Republic Square is the central square of the city and of the whole republic, it is also in the list of the prettiest squares in the world. But it's true beauty in my opinion comes out after dark when the lights and music turns on, the ever so transparent waters of the fountains now get colored and star dancing under music played form the general building of the square, during hot summer days there is no place to find to stand as the tourist rush into the square along with the locals to enjoy the breezy evening time, classics of music and the view of the dancing fountains.


Cascade also well knows as the artsy stairs by the tourists is hand down one of the youngest places in Yerevan.

The words are not enough to express the joy and the view of the place surrounded by the best cafes in the city and the best modern art pieces of Europe and all of this under an open rooftop.

Botanical Garden, Yerevan

Are you into some out of city but located inside the city Eco action?

Than this just a right place for you. Forests, trees, birds, children s play ground and a big green house open for guests, and you can get your beautiful insta shot here too so we would highly recommend you visit the garden, it's located a but out of the center on the highway. Just the perfect place for solo or family picnic or even a date.

Mother Armenia and The Victory Park

Located on the Azatutyan Avenue the iconic statue of Mother Armenia and the victory park nearby. And an amazing place to spend your family evening in Yerevan, ride the fares wheel and take photos and create some memories form your trip to Armenia, Yerevan.

Thanks for Reading our article all of these destinations and places are included in the tour itinerary if you book your travel with us HOSTELANDTOURS LLC ARMENIA.

We will be very happy to show you around these places and be a part of making your memories in Armenia unforgettable.

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