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Best Tours to Armenia for this Summer

Armenia is a very beautiful place to visit especially during Summer Time and we are here to provide you with the best Tours to Armenia for this summer.

1. Lake Sevan Full Day Beach experience.

Lake Sevan is very populated during summer this is the summer attraction for locals and tourists from all around the world.

Here you will not only get to experience the swimming beach vacation but also get a taste of Armenian traditional BBQ on fire made just in place there for you.

2. Areni Winery.

Areni Winery is the chore of the Armenian Wine culture. And what a better to get to know the culture than by tasting it. We provide special Tour to Areni where you can taste the wine and see how it's being made and stored.

3. Dilijan

Dilijan is one of the smallest yet prettiest cities of Armenia. Now it is being constructed as a student city for the international students from all around the world. But there is more into the town than campuses, it has ana amazing suburbian nature and forests made perfectly for camping and just nature walking. The city and the forests are not very hot during the summer so if you are looking for a place to run away from the city craziness and relax and not feel the summer heat this is the perfect place just for you.

4. Lastiver and Apaga Resort.

Are you a lover of an active vacation and a very adventures traveler well than this might be just a place for you. With a lot activities for couples and groups as well as solo travelers this place has it all for you.

While you are at it have an amazing stay at the Apaga resort.

5. Off Road farm live like local experience.

it is a known fact that Armenia is a very agriculturally rich and full of farms country.

But did you ever wonder how the farm life is well then we got a special package for you.

Get an exclusive summer experience to live the farm life for a day, planting, and fruit-eating all in one place off-road farm life is waiting for you this summer with HOSTELANDTOURS.

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Summer of Love

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