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How to make friends while traveling alone.

Traveling can be scary and somewhat challenging however if you really plan on putting effort to it, it can turn out just fine. Now, with that being said lets not forget all the security measurements and how you can secure yourself when traveling alone such as always leaving your place information to one of your friends at home and always having hard and soft copies of your passport.

Now once you have secured all that now you can sit back and read this article which will help you make friends while traveling alone.


When traveling alone try to book your stay in hostels rather than hotels and or apartments, this way not only you will save up some money but also be able to meet other travellers.

I know what all of you are thinking, we have all heard horror stories about hostel common rooms and shared dormitories.

Now the trick is to find a hostel with a good rating and always do read the comments down below and reviews.

Now a lot of hostels have female and male dormitories which means you can still book your dormitory stay in a female or a male dormitory.

Being in a hostel will allow you to meet newer people and make friends, especially during breakfast time and or in the common rooms. You can also participate in the common activities being held by the host in the hostel such as movie screening nights and cooking classes or book clubs, different hostel companies have different activities for the guests.

2. Attend the activities of the city

Depending on where you are traveling now the activities in the cities may vary, summertime is mostly known for its festivals in the cities, attending one of them can be very useful for meeting new people and making friends.

You can learn about the festivals and activities being held in the specific area near your travel, time and date via various sites on the internet such as trip advisor, Tripadvisor, Expedia and lot others or simply by searching festivals near me on the search engines.

3. Parties and nightlife

If you are an adult traveling parties and night time are the place for you. Clubs, especially in Europe, are very popular, now getting in will be hard especially during weekends but it is packed with locals and other travelers on a daily basis, every club has different party schedule and theme which again you can learn about by searching clubs near me on google or on yelp. By the way, YELP is your best friend when you are traveling alone it will not only give you the best hot spots and activities but also the reviews which can help a lot when you are going somewhere for the first time.

4. Art show galleries

Art is one of the best things that can bring people together. So by you attending an art show, you will be able to get out there and share your opinions on art and meet a lot of people through that, now with that being said if you are not a big fan of art than probably this one is not for you.

Regardless of what you choose to do traveling alone can be scary but yet it's all on you how you are going to turn it around and work it for your advantage, don't be scared to put yourself out there and be open to meeting new people, not saying that those people will end up being your best friends for life but its nice to have a company while traveling around the world and also don't forget to keep all the security measurements while traveling,

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