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36 Khorhrdaran Street, Glendale Hills,

Yerevan, Armenia 0010

License Number: 264.110.1021244


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Noah's Garden Maran

Updated: May 31, 2019

Noah's Garden Maran is an amazing destination nearby the Garni temple.

The place is made specially for all the guests coming to Armenia it's a resaurant, gallery show room, wine and vodka tasting spot and also small sections within the garden that each showcase one special Armenian tradition such as Pottery, Wine making, Lavash Making, Sujukh making and etc. The Garden also has a cute restaurant where one can taste all the traditional Armenian foods.

The staff is very nice as well and the prices are very affordable.

Noah's Garden also happened to be one of the HOSTELANDTOURS partners which is why we can assure you the place is HOSTELANDTOURS LLC approved.

If you would like to experience all of this amazing place you can book your tour with us and you will get free wine tasting and lavash making exhibition, as the garden is one of our destinations on the package.

The purpose of the company is promoting the distribution and development of Armenian cultural ancient values. Having in mind the mental and manual unique grace and ingenuity of our people, we have built an exhibition store where Armenia is presented with its various colors. It is symbolic that our garden is built in the immediate neighborhood of the temple Garni as such treasures are also exhibited here that have a history of centuries and will definitely attract those who appreciate everything national and ancient. We want to keep firm and save everything transferred to us from centuries and to increase our genetic love to arts.'' Says the team of Noah's Garden and Maran.

Don't miss out your chance to experience Armenian culture to the fullest. Book your tour with HOSTELANDTOURS LLC to be able to experience also Noah's Garden in Garni village.