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The Iconic Statue of Mother Armenia

Mother Armenia is one of the most Iconic Statues in Armenia if not the most iconic. It is located in the Victory park in memory of the great soviet union heroes that fought and died in war.

However regardless the theme of the park Mother Armenia is more National Symbol for Armenian Nation rather than Soviet Union Armenia.

The statue itself is located on the pedestal where once was the statue of Stalin glancing onto the city Yerevan. However, after Soviet Union broke down and Armenian people were once again part of the Republic of Armenia. The Statue of Stalin was brought down and the Armenian sculpture Sergey Merkurov Created the Statue and Mother Armenia was now occupying the same pedestal in the Victory Park.

Lot of the times, guests from all around the world asks questions such as Is she A queen, was she a royal family member, what’s the name of the person in real life...

The statue isn't based on any queen or a royal family member that once lived or still is living, it is great symbol of Armenian Women, it portraits strength via being peaceful.

It's the symbol of strong women and how when needed Armenian women fought right next to men and never were afraid. It's a symbol of strong Armenian family woman eager to do anything to protect the family and in a way the nation is our extended family.

With that being said that is no wonder why Mother Armenia is one of the top destinations that Hostelandtours is introducing to its guests. It is for sure one of the favorite destinations and tourist attractions of the guests.

The statue of Mother Armenia is standing ever so iconic and strong but yet peaceful while holding a sward in her hand and facing toward the enemies of Armenia while glancing over Yerevan, Armenia and the whole nation of Armenia. Even though here face is somewhat tough her eyes are filled with sorrow for all the fallen children of the nation. Having her ever so powerfully standing there and watching over all of her children gives us all a great power and strength to move forward.

In conclusion even though Armenia is a patriarchal country one of the iconic symbols of the country is a symbol of a woman and not just a woman but the collective faces and lives and battles of all Armenian mothers.

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