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Tips To Travel Smart

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Travelling as much as joyful it can be it's also very stressful, well unless you are well prepared. Read this following articles for simple 5 steps to help you travel smart and secured and prevent any accidents or stressful situation. Just sit back and enjoy and learn since this article is written by the ex customs officer student and present tourism and hospitality industry employee. SO you can be more than sure all the tips which you will find bellow will be very helpful for you. Thank you.

1. Secure your Passports

When travelling make sure to have a back up plan. In case of lose of the passport make sure to be able to have a back up plan. Before travelling do high quality soft copy and hard copy of your id and or passport. Be sure to make 2 hard copies, leave one with your family or loved one back in home and another one keep with you in the separate bag.

If in the other country you loose your passport make sure to take your hard copy and visit your countries embassy or consulate, present them with your passport hard copy and ask for the new passport and or passing document which will let you leave the country, however if you have passport hard copy your new passport submission period will be shorter and the whole process will be easier.

2. Check in and hand carry baggage

When purchasing a ticket lot of air lines include your check in bag in the price of the ticket a lot of them don't which means you need to pay extra for 20kg or 30kg. If you have to make sure to make your payment online when booking otherwise in the airport you will have to pay a lot more due to last minute handbag policy changes.

Regardless if you are traveling with a check in bag and a hand carry bag make sure to also take first essential needs cloths underclothes and such items in your hand carry, this way if ever your check in luggage is lost you will be able to survive off from your extra cloths that you put in your hand carry while you are waiting the airport and airline find your check in bags and deliver them to you. If you are in an airport and your check in luggage hasn't arrived yet make sure to contact the informational center and or booth in the airport they will help you to fill in the application form and soon they will start looking and searching for your bag, however this process may take a few days sometimes such an accident may spoil your vacation or business trip.

if you are travelling for business always make sure to keep soft copies of your documents for your business in your computer or hard drive and the hard copies of the documents in your backpack this way they will always be on you and you won't loose them.

3. Packing

Most of the people don't like packing. However it is very important and essential step if you are travelling. First of all make a list of all the essential and important things which you must take and pack. This way it will be easier for you not to forget anything. Second of all instead of folding your cloths roll them in small rolls this way you will be able to pack more cloths in one bag. put all the fragile items inside the clothing rolls this will prevent them from breaking. And don't forget to declare in the customs any type of medication if you are going to carry one, and have all the doctors prescriptions with you.

4. Bookings

Accommodation regardless if it's going to be in a hostel, hotel, or an apartment, make sure to book ahead of times once bookings your tickets and planning your trip. Various of websites and apps make your booking process even easier such as booking, Expedia, hostel world, AIRBNB...

When booking your stay make sure to book the accommodation in the places that have higher ranking and always read the reviews of the previous guests don't just go with the lowest price, lowest price, however if you are lucky to find lower priced accommodation that also have high rankings and reviews than you are lucky. Also as a security measure make sure to have your booking conformation letter printed and have a soft copy on your phone.

5. Custom services

Now once you are all ready and you have arrived in the airport of your destination you are going to face with the custom service. The truth be told custom officers can sometimes come up as rude or demanding but they are simply doing their job trying to secure the country and its borders. You as a traveler should know the terms and conditions and regulations of what you can carry and what not. IN the passport control make sure to have all your documents lined up in one separate folder to prevent the mess of mixed up documents. However give your passport first and wait for the further instructions and required documents to show. And always answer with a very strong but not in an arrogant manner and be confident no matter how tired you are after a long flight.

Now once you read this article i guess you are prepared to take on your adventures and dreams. Simply just follow the instructions presented to you in this article and we can assure you will have no problem while travelling. Thank you for reading this article. We hope you will have a safe trip and a successful vacation or a business trip.