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Why Are Travel Agencies still important?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Travel Agencies were type of companies that started mostly opening during the 20th century and they reached their peak in the end of the 20th century.

Nowadays in the 21st century we can indefinably say that the amount of people travelling via travel agencies have been decreased due to the very obvious internet sensationalized phenomenon: Online travel websites and software.

Now with Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and lot of other online companies your travel has changed it's meaning a lot. Most of the people don't use travel agencies services anymore for travelling, they book their own tickets, their own accommodation and their own routes when travelling somewhere but with that being said there are still lot of people that put their trust in these ,methods and yet fail once arriving to their '' perfectly self planned journey'' starting point.

Last month i had the pleasure to meet one of my long time internet friends who was travelling to Armenia through Georgia and Iran, he mostly was travelling by himself and was booking his accommodation and moving around the city by himself as well. However in Armenia he bumped into a problem with the Airbnb that he had reserved prior to arriving in Armenia. He got the reservation confirmation and was charged, however once arriving to the apartment the door never opened and the person who was renting out the apartment never showed up, of course he has complained in the AIRBNB but as he said it was a time wasted on complaining and trying to find a new place which could have been replaced by the time spent well touring around.

Here is why i am here to debunk all the wrongs about travel agencies incoming and outbound and state why are travel agencies important even in the 21st century.

1. The prices

The first wrong rumor about travel, agencies is that their prices are extremely high and not worth it, which is not true at all. Nowadays in the stage of social media marketing one of the greatest tricks that any travel agency can do is create marketing strategies with special offers and low prices, therefore in the high seasons and low seasons if you are very attentive you can catch an amazing offer for your trip and use it to the fullest.

The prices are lower than if you try booking your trip yourself instead you can leave it up to the travel agency to get cheaper B2B rates and prices for your perfect trip.

2. The Hassle free travel.

Your trip, vacation or simply just any journey should not be filled with worries and hardships therefore if you book everything with a travel agency all you have to do is seat back and enjoy when they will work everything out for your perfect trip.

From your insurance to your flight to your visa and your accommodation everything will be perfect and hassle free for you.

3. The liability of the Agencies.

The liability of any agency is very big towards their clients. But lot of the times things can go wrong. The difference between booking your trip by yourself and by the travel agency in case of things going the wrong way getting refunds and or solutions for the problems will be way easier if you have a travel agency responsible for your trip.

4. Special activities.

One of the biggest befits on booking with travel agencies is that they will be able to give you lot of local activities that they are aware of especially if it is an incoming agency, such activities you may not be able to find on google when booking yourself. They will also be able to advise you and give you best prices as well for the activities and or festivals and special passes.

5. Safety.

Safety is very important when travelling especially if you are travelling alone. Unfortunately you may not be able to get a safe trip if you are booking everything for yourself, when as with travel agencies they will make sure to put your safety first during the tours and all around your trip.

Overall these are just global reasons why Travel agencies are still important in the 21st century but besides that let's not forget travel agencies are a big part of the whole info structure of traveling and travel industry throughout the world. You just need to put your trust in the right one and not book your trip with the first travel agency that will pop up on your google search read the reviews and ask around before booking with any travel agency.