10 Reasons why Armenia is the best place for Visa Change?

Many filipinos travel for vacation from United Arab Emirates, Qatar & Russia and 70% came from the population of filipinos who travel for change visa or we call them exiters.

This are the reasons that we got from the Filipinos who travel for visa change.

1. Armenia is a christian country and the first who adopted christianity.

2. Armenia is the most safest for travellers with low crime rates.

3. Armenia is filipino friendly by getting visa on arrival. 7usd only for 21 days tourist visa and 30usd for 120 days tourist Visa.

4. Armenia and Philippines have similar culture which family first.

5. Armenia is a cost affordable in terms of Airfare coming from United Arab Emirates and Russia.

6. Armenia is a compact tourist destination wherein in one day you can visit atleast 7 tourist spot.

7. Armenia in terms of cost of living is the lowest in the Region and in Middle East.

8. Armenia is a biblical country where Mount Ararat is located and all the areas of Armenia, you will see Mount Ararat.

9. Armenia offer unlimited potable water, where in fact anywhere in armenia you will found drinking fountain.

10. Armenia is a country where people is friendly and to top of it, they like and love filipinos.

So when you are planning for vacation or for change visa. Book your flight and go to Armenia where you will be welcome by many who loves filipinos.

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